Official Catalogue of the Exhibition

Dear Exhibitors, 

Please, be advised, that for the Registration Fee you are offered the possibility to have your company’s standard information published in the Official Catalogue of «ARM-SECURITY» Exhibition: 

1. For allocation of the exhibiting company’s contact information/details in the Address Block of the Exhibition Catalogue (please, see Appendix 8 of the Participation Agreement);

Only this information is free of charge!   

2. The exhibiting company’s details (name of the company and number of page in the Address Block) in Section “List of Products and Services” (Rubricator). Please, indicate numbers of your rubric in Appendix 8. Only one rubric is free of charge!    

To improve the quality of your company’s presentation in the Official Exhibition Catalogue you can publish your advertising in the most catching places of the Catalogue – on covers, dividers, as well as have additional information placed in the following sections of the Exhibition Catalogue:

In the Catalogue Address Block

1. Description of the exhibiting company (not more than 300 symbols - 150 symbols in Russian and symbols in English languages);

2. Photo in *.tiff; or *.jpg formats with resolution not less than 300 dpi;

3. Company logo in full color (in *.ai; *.eps; *.cdr formats). 



The Information will be published in the Exhibition Catalogue just as it is sent by the exhibitor. In case if the exhibitor sends his information only in Russian or in English language, it will be published only in one language. 

All materials should be forwarded by e-mail to your manager of the Exhibition Directorate.

Note. Please make sure that all materials sent correspond to all mentioned above technical requirements.